Customer and their Needs

The customer is a leading Voice Transcription System provider to court reporters in the North American region. This system allows the court reporter to produce a complete transcript with ease and accuracy, of the court proceedings.

The customer wanted the Voice Transcription System to be developed using Microsoft Speech Engine and Dragon Speech Engine to begin with, and they have plans to support all leading voice recognition engines going forward. This system would act as the enabler of court reporters to produce the transcript with state-of-the-art technology and will not replace the court reporter.

Business Challenges

  • Multiple speakers have to be individually identifiable and the transcription was to be done automatically by identifying the speakers
  • Formatting of the text was to be done as per the court procedures to maintain consistency, which includes inputs on the number of lines and time stamps
  • Juxtaposing audio with text and the entire document needs to have audio attached
  • Text editor needed to be as user friendly as using a Microsoft Word document, while adhering to the needs of the court procedures in terms of formatting and printing, which was not available with any of the available editors
  • Dragon speech engine had support only for one speaker, however it needs to be used in the court room scenario for the accuracy that it offers
  UnitedPro’s Role  They partnered with UnitedPro Software Solutions towards getting this Voice Transcription System developed.
  • Development of complete functional and technical specification was Done
  • UnitedPro did the prototype of the Voice Transcription System, which was demonstrated to prospective end-users.
  • The first version was released with Microsoft Speech and Dragon Naturally Speaking as Speech Engine Options
Presently the application is being redesigned and redeveloped for cloud based speech engines like Microsoft, IBM and Google. The prototype of the application with Microsoft Bing and IBM Watson speech engine has been delivered and is under testing for performance