We are currently working  for a US client to develop an application for predictive analytics on their content analytics. The most interesting part of this project is, we had worked on a similar project requirement for a media company (Paypod) way back in  2009.

The core of the current requirement and the one we designed and delivered to the Media firm were slightly identical. In those days the use of NLP and natural language queries and content analysis were not that advanced and we did not have much simple tools to programme the desired results, So, we had to design and build them using sample mathematical modelling before programming.

With advent of BI (Business Intelligence) and BA (Business Analytics) tools in the current scenario, Content analytics has evolved so much, that larger companies are using it both directly and indirectly for the growth and progress of their sales.

Now, Data has taken center stage and in all current scenarios, most of the applications and solutions are evolving only based on data. Going forward this trend is sure to increase.

To achieve our current client requirement we ended up using all the best of available latest tools & technologies. Our real time solution begins from the customers visit to the client's website. The data collected through the passive and interactive mechanism are passed as streams and are taken through cloud platform for real time processing, like segregating the meaningful and essential content for necessary action.

To give a seamless interaction and suggest the customers based on their choice of content, we have built the mechanism to respond instantly. The collected data is processed by server less computing and stored in simple storage for further application of NLP techniques. The data is trained using AI algorithms for best customer experience and satisfaction. We have introduced RDS layer to store the customer data and subscription details as per the client's requirement.

The highlight of the project is we built the application in a layered manner which will enable the client to extend the solutions across its customers verticals or platform in a effortless and efficient manner. An interactive flexible dashboard with high BI options is provided as part of the solution for analyzing the collected data.

We followed the agile method for this project and the sprint was almost on expected lines but for few minor changes.

Some of the tools used in the project are Python,Spark,Amazon AWS,ML and AI