Card Testing System

Test Tool

An automated test platform for Level 2 kernel testing. The tool provides interaction between two modules – desktop application and web based system. The scrips are run in desktop environment, storing the logs in cloud instantly for validation and tracking purposes.

Test Service

A fully-automated cloud-based testing service built on C++ and C# that helps terminal and mPOS kernel developers to validate Level 2 payment kernel functions. It has a common library for all payment schemes in a Linux environment.

Cloud Solutions

With our acquired experience in emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data, we have leapfrogged into the future and are fully-equipped to handle new challenges and are ready to work on new opportunities.

We also provide Product Development Partnering and Product Consulting services to clients and function as their extended technology partner.


A content analysis engine that pushes advertisements based on the website content. It has tools that will parse, analyze and weigh the words of the content and push advertisements to the website.

IoT Gateway

It is a cloud-based solution that functions as an interface between sensors and IoT. Using the C-99 and Linux technology, we created a gateway that connects to sensors through a low-energy bluetooth interface and to the cloud service through secured internet connectivity.


Speech Recognition Integrated (Sprint) is an application that integrates different speech engines like Microsoft Bing Speech, IBM Watson and Google speech engines. It also enables users to record audio and attach text to audio based on a timestamp.